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About me

I have a creative soul, I am happy, vibrant, compassionate, intuitive, easy going and easily connect with people.  Life is about living and enjoying what we have. It is about seeing, feeling and living right now in the present.  Life is so precious and it is my artistic talent that helps create those lasting moments for you.

About me: I am very grateful & blessed to have this talent. I have a wonderful family of two beautiful, teenage daughters. My husband is very supportive. His keen sense, love and humor keep me balanced and laughing on the lighter side of life.  A trip to the mountains - take me there any day.  I prefer sneakers over dress shoes,  I love coffee, blueberries, flowers in the garden, thunderstorms, the smell of fresh cut grass and digging in the dirt.  I can say I am a very good cook and I love my Penzeys Spices. I believe small gestures of kindness go a long way. My motto is "spread a little sunshine everywhere you go".

As a photographer, my style is classic, capturing a little bit of everything. The sessions are super fun and easy. I like to connect with my clients and the session is always fun filled and easy going. The art of seeing is very intuitive and I have had many clients say "I am so surprised and love what you captured". Photographing the kids is so much fun to me. I truly have a gift with photographing them and have had many parents commend me with capturing so many of their child's personalities. I have so much fun with what I do and I truly believe I am a photographer your kids will love. 

If it were not for my Dad, my number one fan, I would not have developed my interest in photography as I have. That one special birthday camera, a Nikon Fun Touch, became an amazing gift that has sparked a never ending passion.  I have earned my B.F.A in Photography and I can honestly say; I truly LOVE what I do! Has it been a one direction path? No, it has been a career that has enabled me to experience photofinishing and retail sales, catalog, commercial, preschool and event photography to name a few. The journey and friends I have met has been amazing and continues all the while just deepening my love for photography and confirming that I am doing what I LOVE! Some of the last words Daddy ever told me were "every time you click the camera think of me", just priceless. My journey continues with a humble dedication to my number one fan, my Dad!

There is more to having a camera in your hand and taking a picture. Every session for me has its own amazing energy that allows me to really capture the essence of the subject. It's the creative eye, the intuitive heart, the compassion of each subject knowing there is something amazing in us all. The very best part is hearing a week or a year later how special that one photo has been or has become. The stories are truly amazing. Behind all of this is 34 years of taking pictures, a degree in photography, an eye for detail and composition, and countless hours fine tuning and always challenging myself to be better.  I love to photograph the beautiful spirit in all of us, especially the little ones. It personally fills me to photograph them laughing, smiling and just be themselves. I am honored to play such a vital role in preserving these moments with pictures.

Life is about loving who you are and what your are doing, being kind and respectful to others, serving Our Lord and spreading a little sunshine everywhere you go.

Lets have some fun and capture your life, right now.

I  appreciate you checking out my page and I cannot wait to work with you!